Woven Skies | Fantasy webcomic

A backwater world forgotten by the universe. The crumbling rule of the Celestial dragons. When the destructive dark takes hold, is this tiring war over a closed portal rendered meaningless? Follow captain Surma and her crew, as they fight for the survival of Aava. Expect drama, magic and a diverse cast of characters!

Woven Skies is a fantasy comic with some horror elements. Art and story by Pau Norontaus. Launches in Summer of 2021. 

A soft voice mutters sharp spells that cut. Unfamiliar words repeated and distorted, until their meaning is shaped anew.


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I’m Pau Norontaus, a Finnish illustrator with well over a decade of experience working in comics and game art. Woven Skies is my first personal adventure in a long while! 

2020 was hard on all of us, and by the end of it I was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both eyes. It’s a medical condition that affects central vision and might lead to legal blindness. If there’s a chance I’ll lose my sight and the ability to create comics, I have to start now. By the end I get to say I gave it a real go.

And here we are — at the beginning of Woven Skies. I also have another webcomic Devotion — The King’s Cleric. It’s a gay romance set in a fantasy world where some have everything while others are left without.

I hope you enjoy my work!

[ In my free time I feed the cats and curse my bad neck. My other interests include listing stuff, petting animals, keeping things tidy, gaming, British comedy, period drama and zombies. ]


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Woven Skies is a fantasy story with dark themes. This is the first book of three planned.

The journey began back in 2010, when I wrote a script as a part of my graduation project. While I liked some of the elements, the story never manifested beyond the first two pages. I returned to the world several years later, for a few sweltering weeks in the summer of 2019. This time I had double the cast and a million new ideas. …Yeah.

The final form of the story came to be in late 2019, with a return to the original concept and a complete rewrite. I wanted to make use of my game company experience and build a professional process from the get-go.

I work with Scrivener, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop and Cintiq 22HD.


I’d be happy to discuss publishing, freelance work and commissions!

[ wovenskiescomic (at) gmail.com | pau.norontaus (at) gmail.com ]